Digging Into The Reflection Zone

The Reflection Zone (the area North of the main motel building) currently shares top billing with exterior paint and trim on our massive spring punch list.

The first step toward making this area functional and pretty was removing the years of layered leaf debris from around the Sycamore tree, thinning the overgrowth of evergreens, and eradicating the ever-present Autumn Olive. It was a jungle out there!

Now that much of that mess is gone, the Irises are sprouting en masse and pretty purple violets are blooming. Our next step will be to wash, trim, and paint this section of the building and to make the garden area a welcome and tranquil outdoor space for guests to enjoy.

(Click on any of the pictures below to open a photo gallery of the project.)

Thinking of creating a garden bench planter from the old fountain base.
We’re considering turning the old fountain base into a garden planter bench something like this.


We’re having an impromptu work bee this weekend. You’re welcome to come by for a look or to lend a hand.