Digging Into The Reflection Zone

The Reflection Zone (the area North of the main motel building) currently shares top billing with exterior paint and trim on our massive spring punch list.

The first step toward making this area functional and pretty was removing the years of layered leaf debris from around the Sycamore tree, thinning the overgrowth of evergreens, and eradicating the ever-present Autumn Olive. It was a jungle out there!

Now that much of that mess is gone, the Irises are sprouting en masse and pretty purple violets are blooming. Our next step will be to wash, trim, and paint this section of the building and to make the garden area a welcome and tranquil outdoor space for guests to enjoy.

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Thinking of creating a garden bench planter from the old fountain base.
We’re considering turning the old fountain base into a garden planter bench something like this.


We’re having an impromptu work bee this weekend. You’re welcome to come by for a look or to lend a hand.

Spring at the Atwood Inn

We are so excited for Spring 2016 and our first fully open season as the Atwood Inn motel. Spring cleaning and improvement projects are under way!


Fun and Games at the Atwood Inn

Motel Possible – Atwood Inn as of August 1st.

July – Work Bee and Transformation into the Atwood Inn

The Motel Possible project moved forward by leaps and bounds in July, due in no small part to a big assist from friends and family.

It’s hard to believe we are cleaning and sorting linens, hanging pictures and coat racks and curtains, and making beds in preparation for actual opening. We are working hard and still having so much fun!

As always, thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us emotionally, physically, and financially.  It means everything to us.
Patty & Dave

Throwback Thursday: The Bavarian Inn Motel and Restaurant

Pictures courtesy of Walt Mann.


The original Bavarian Inn Motel & Restaurant.

original bavarian inn and motel in atwood michigan
Eva and John Mann, hosts and proprietors of the original Antrim Dells’ Bavarian Inn Restaurant and Motel.
John and Eva Mann at the front entrance.
It's a family endeavor, and sometimes you simply must break for a Bud. We understand completely. As Walt has said, "If those walls could talk..."
Sometimes you simply must break for a Bud. As Walt has said, “If those walls could talk!”
atwood motel courtyard
The beloved courtyard.
Walt Mann, chef at original Bavarian Inn Restaurant in Atwood
Walt Mann, Chef turned Real Estate Broker Extraordinaire.


Project Courtyard: Painting Trim and Making Pretty

Project Courtyard is definitely shaping up. We’re either almost to the halfway point or just past it, I’m not sure which. Shane has the caulking, priming, and first coat of trim paint nearly finished. I’m already astounded by the difference it makes and am so excited to see how the rest turns out.

Here’s a peek at the Motel Possible as of the last week in June:

June Thus Far: A Pictorial Update

The Motel Possible is really moving along now that Spring has decided to stick around. We’ve been grooming the courtyard, mowing and taking back more of the grounds, painting and furnishing the first guest rooms, and preparing for the biggest phase of the project to date: exterior paint and trim.

It would not be possible for us to do any of it without the continued love, help, and support of our friends and family. We are blessed with the best.

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Project Courtyard: Lava Rock Removal

Therese gave me a birdhouse that she made. Then we worked so hard, we barely talked the rest of the day.
Really. We were on a mission to remove lava rock.
There was no easy way to do it, but combination leaf blowing and shoveling worked best for us.
After three or four hours, we had made ourselves a fine mess. Perfect time for a burger break.
Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.
Ol Lady Got (lava) Rocks, that’s me. We are going to repurpose these down the road.
I don’t hate the colors. It’s more of a texture thing.
Dave dug up the woody juniper roots and got started raking out the second bed.
Not a bad day’s work. Much more to come.

Spring at the Motel Possible

Day 4: With a little help from our friends

We’re so fortunate to have the support – and labor – of our family and friends. Lexi and Dom came over and got tearing into the weeds and juniper jungle in the courtyard. We took turns baja’ing around the yard with the lawnmower.

We started moving some things in and now have the beginnings of a working kitchen.
Motel Possible Remodeling Pics

We have our stainless steel racks and Frank’s Red Hot chicken wings in the Crockpot. And that’s all I need.
getting the living room ready for move in
First round of vacuuming the living room.









motel possible rain day
Sad Dominic. He really wanted to mow some more.



motel grounds
I see work.
Motel grounds
motel grounds
And more work.



taking back the yard
We’ve only just begun the long battle with Autumn Olive.
motel grounds cleanup
Only 6 more acres to go!

motel building two




atwood motel renovation