Wintering at the Motel Possible, Part Deux

First of all, I am sorry for the dearth of posts these last few months. There hasn’t been much to report. I mean, there has, but it’s mostly been the hunkering down, getting through, dealing with personal issues, and just making do sort of stuff that I hope to use as fodder for future side-splitting tales from the struggle, but don’t find particularly enjoyable to talk about while it’s happening. Instead, I will sum up our second season of  hunkering (I do love that word) with one of our many working mantras, “We’re going to be fine once we get to our first fully open season. We’ve just gotta get there!”

It may be in the nick of time, by the seat of our pants and the hair of our chinny chin chins, not on time, but in time, and better late than never, hanging on by a thread of a shoestring caught in the skin of our teeth, but we will get there. Failure is not an option.

So without further ado, here is a pictorial look back at our second winter at the Motel Possible, which I will follow with some thoughts about the path forward:

Closing thoughts:
We’re nearing the end of February now, and the early thaw has allowed us a peek into some of the guest rooms. It shouldn’t be a surprise to find that all the work we did last year is still done, but it makes me giddy nonetheless.

It won’t be long before we’re back to work in the courtyard and gardens, mowing the lawn, and tearing up more of that damned autumn olive. We’ll settle on an exterior door color and finish fixing the trim and fascia we didn’t get to last year. We’ll get the kitchenette room put back together and the last few rooms painted. And we’ll paint the other halves of the signs!

It is a seemingly endless list of things to do, but it is doable and we are not daunted by it. We are entering this season so far ahead of where we were at this time last year. Summer reservations are starting to come in and a few weekends have almost sold out. Today, I had the pleasure of talking to a lovely bride-to-be who is sending out of town guests our direction. It feels like we’re finding our niche, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

We are so grateful to have this place and this opportunity to make our dreams come true. We look forward to meeting new guests and welcoming back return visitors. We remain humbled by all the support and love we have received before and throughout the course of this project. We will try our best to do right by it.

Best wishes to all for a safe and blessed 2016. Many happy returns.

With love and possibility,
Patty & Dave