Moving Into Motel Possible

antrim motel pics
Abbie learned the lay of the land. 
Bruce from COLI came and hooked up the internet. There was much rejoicing.
First night in the new digs. Hot pizza and the warm glow of the Xbox.
Classic moving day fare. Dave was simply raaaavenous.
pug lady shirt
My housewarming gift from Lexi. What is she trying to say?
pb and j
Don’t judge.
My kitchen table is in. No appliances yet, so it’s more cold sandwiches and deli food for us! 
We might be the worst selfie takers ever. One of us always gets the crazy eyes.
Outside work took a back seat during the move and sadly, I think the cold is here to stay. I am grateful to have gotten at least part of the yard taken back before full-on winter hit. And I’m gonna get the hang of this selfie thing yet.